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CALPERLEX series of problem sets
Publication Type: PDF

CALPERLEX is a series of worksheets that teachers can use in their course to explore language through corpus analysis. Teachers can find single lexical items or contrasting lexical pairs or routine expressions presented in form of concordance lines. The "problem set" can be printed out and used in the classroom. They can also be used by individual learners for self-study.

Xuehua Xiang, University of Illinois-Chicago
Publication Type: Online (Website)

Speech Acts in Films is a site where students of Mandarin Chinese learn to examine, understand, and practice social language through the medium of film. The primary audience of the materials are low-advanced and advanced learners who completed approximately two years of language instruction. The materials have been... Read more

Working with Spoken Chinese - Hongyin Tao, UCLA
Hongyin Tao, UCLA
Publication Type: Text Book

Online purchase is temporarily unavailable. Please contact the CALPER office, Ms. Joy Teeter <>, to order the publication.

Working with Spoken Chinese is designed for intermediate to advanced learners (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines) who want to improve their speaking and listening skills in conversational... Read more

Chinese Corpus Resource Guide
Hongyin Tao, UCLA
Publication Type: PDF

A corpus (plural: corpora) is a principled collection of samples of natural language use, either written or spoken, which are usually stored as computer files. A written corpus can be gathered from a number of sources such as news media, literary works, or personal writings. A spoken corpus can be assembled from tape- or video-recorded narratives, interviews, conversations and the like, which would be transcribed... Read more