Designing Tasks, Prompts, and Feedback Protocols for L2 Writing
Jun.18, 2018
Presenter: Susan Strauss, Penn State
Project Work in Language Courses
Jun.19, 2018
Presenter: Gabriela Appel, Penn State
Language ePortfolios, Badges, and Seals
Jun.20, 2018 to Jun.21, 2018
Presenter: Mary Toulouse, Lafayette College
Effective Use of Technology in K-16 Chinese Language Classrooms
Jun.22, 2018 to Jun.23, 2018
Presenter: Shijuan Liu, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Designing Articulated Performance Assessment in Three Modes of Communication
Jun.25, 2018 to Jun.26, 2018
Presenter: Jennifer Eddy, Queens College, CUNY
Evidence-based Grammar Teaching
Jun.27, 2018 to Jun.28, 2018
Presenter: Kevin McManus, Penn State