Chinese Language Teacher Network (CLTNet)

Chinese Language Teacher Network (CLTNET)
Snapshot from a Chinese Porcelain Vase

CLTNet of PA is an initiative, spearheaded by CALPER, that aims at supporting teachers of Chinese through establishing a network of educators in PA by connecting them to one another and functioning as a hub for resources. CLTNet will develop an extensive website which will feature multiples resources; workshops for teachers of Chinese; program directories; web-based projects; video clips, etc.

This initiative is a partnership between CALPER, the Asian Studies Collaborative at the Berks County Intermediate Unit, the Language in Motion Program at Juniata College, the World Language Program at the Bellefonte Area School District, and the Department of Asian Studies at Penn State.

Interested teachers who want to join our mailing list are invited to send an email to Gabriela Appel. More information will follow.