Corpus Community Reports

CALPER Corpus Community Reports
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CALPER's Corpus Community Reports consist of a set of documents where language educators describe their corpus projects or their studies and some relate their experiences compiling and analyzing copora and learner language. The Corpus Community Reports are intended to provide those interested in working with copora with first hand insights into projects of language teachers and researchers.

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No. 1 Working with a Spoken Burmese Corpus by San San Hnin Tun (Cornell University), 2007 [PDF]
No. 2 Discourse Markers in Turkish and English: A comparative study by Nurdan Gürbüz (Middle East Technical University, Turkey), 2008 [PDF]
No. 3 Thai Pop Music: A specialized corpus for the language classroom by Teddy Bofman and Paul Prez (Northern Illinois University), 2009 [PDF]
No. 4 Using a Corpus Effectively in a Spanish Grammar Course by Carlos Benavides (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth), 2013 [PDF]
No. 5 Using Parallel Corpora in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language by Brody Bluemel (The Pennsylvania State University), 2013 [PDF]