Gabriela Appel

Gabriela Appel, Ph.D.

Gabriela Appel is the  Associate Director of CALPER and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Linguistics and German at Penn State. Gabriela Appel came to Penn State in 1991 after having taught at the University of Kassel (Germany) in an innovative M.A. program in Applied Text Sciences and at Cornell University in the Department of Modern Languages. Her academic interests are in the areas of Project-based Learning, Second Language Literacy, Vocabulary Learning and Teaching, Language Assessment and Evaluation, and Corpus-based Language Analysis . She was Associate Editor (News and Notes for the Profession) of The Modern Language Journal from 2000-2015.

(814) 863-3360
Select Publications: 
  • Appel, G. (2003). "13 Jahre Deutsche Vereinigung: A sample project for advanced learners of German". (CALPER Pedagogical Materials: Project Work, No. 2). University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University, Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research.
  • Appel, G. (2003). "El portfolio de Lenguas Europeas". In S. M. Salaberri (Ed.), La lengua, vehículo cultural multidisciplinar (pp. 121-130). Madrid: Ministerio de Educación.
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  • Appel, G., & Lantolf, J. P. (1994). "Speaking as mediation: A study of L1 and L2 text recall tasks." The Modern Language Journal 78: 437-452.
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