Hongyin Tao

Hongyin Tao -  is Professor of Chinese language and linguistics in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA with a joint appointment in the Department of Applied Linguistics and TESL

Hongyin Tao, Ph.D.

Hongyin Tao is Professor of Chinese language and linguistics in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA with a joint appointment in the Department of Applied Linguistics and TESL. Prior to UCLA, he taught at the National University of Singapore and Cornell University. He is the Chinese language program director at UCLA, a position he also held at Cornell. He has published widely in the areas of Chinese discourse and grammar, corpus linguistics, sociocultural linguistics, and English linguistics. His book, Units in Mandarin Conversation: Prosody, Discourse and Grammar (John Benjamins, 1996), is a systematic study of the grammar of spoken Chinese. His research in sociocultural linguistics deals with Chinese and languages in the Asian-Pacific region. He has investigated such issues as the use of the romanization writing system in urban China, code-switching between Chinese and English, and cross-cultural differences in discourse strategies in East Asian languages. His co-authored book in Chinese, Current Trends in Sociolinguistics (Zhongguo Sheke, 2nd edition, 2004), synthesizes his research in this area. He has extensive experience in corpus building and corpus-based analysis of language. He played a leading role in constructing the Cambridge University Press/Cornell University Corpus of Spoken North American English from 1997-2000, collaborated with Richard Xiao on the Lancaster-Los Angeles Corpus of Spoken Chinese, and is currently co-coordinator of the American component of the International Corpus of English with Charles Meyer.

Tao has taught college level Chinese at all levels. He has been invited to conduct teacher training seminars both in the US and abroad. He was elected to the Executive Board of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics in 1997 and is a member of several editorial boards of publications in Chinese linguistics and applied linguistics, including the Journal of Chinese Language Teachers Association and the Heritage Language Acquisition.

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