Jongoh Eun

Jongoh Eun - Professor and Chief of the Korean Branch of the Post-Basic Programs in the Directorate of Continuing Education, DLIFLC

Jongoh Eun, Ph.D. 

Jongoh Eun is Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Resident Education in the Directorate of Continuing Education, DLIFLC. He served as a department chair in the Korean Basic Course for more than six years and in the Korean Intermediate and Advanced Programs for three years at DLIFLC. His research interests include all aspects of Korean L2 pedagogy, including discourse-based grammar, approaches to the teaching of culture in L2 settings, authentic materials development, and curriculum development.




(831) 242-5495
Select Publications: 
  • Strauss, S. and Eun, J (2005). Indexicality and Honorific Speech Level Choice in Korean. Linguistics, 43, 3, 611-651.
  • Eun, J and Strauss, S.(2004) The Primacy of Information Status in the Alternation between Korean Deferential Forms and Polite Forms in Public Discourse. Language Sciences,  26, 3, 251-272.
  • Strauss, S., Katayama, H, and Eun, J. (2002). Grammar, Cognition, and Procedure as Reflectedin Route Directions in Japanese, Korean, and American English. In N. Akatsuka and S.Strauss (Eds.) Japanese/Korean Linguistics, volume 10. CSLI, Stanford: Stanford University.