L1 Use in World Language Classroms

L1 Use in World Language Classrooms
Project Overview: 

Project Coordinator: Kevin McManus (Penn State)

While first language use in world language classrooms has traditionally been considered a controversial topic, research shows that principled use of the L1 can significantly improve language development, especially for grammar. However, despite increasing evidence that that L1 use and awareness can play an important role in L2 development, very little is understood about teachers' use of the L1 beyond the amount in percentage. This new CALPER projects will document teachers' use of the L1, the target language (and other languages if applicable). Using this evidence, the project will develop best practices  for L1 and target language use. The project will concentrate on Arabic, Chinese, French, Korean, and Russian classrooms, and audio-record the classroom talk/discourse, then transcribe and analyze it. The resulting classroom talk/discourse corpra will include audio-recordings and transcripts, which we plan on making available to teachers and researchers once our study is completed.

ACTFL 2018 - "Evidence-based Grammar Teaching in the Classroom", Saturday, November 17 in Room 239