L2 Writing in Arabic

L2 Writing in Arabic
Project Overview: 

Project Coordinator: Myriam Abdel-Malek (University of Pittsburgh)

Our research has shown that instructional materials for teaching Arabic are often not reflective of the social context of language use. To fill this void, this CALPER project seeks to develop a series of genre-based modules to support the teaching f writing in Arabic at several levels of proficiency.

Genre analysis is a social theory of language that describes language in relation to the context in which it occurs. there are three meanings that interplay in any genre: ideational, which is concerned with how experiences are presented; interpersonal, which is concerned with the relationship between writer and eader; and textual, which is concerned with the organization of a text. The goal of this pedagogy is to make the language features signaling these meanings visible to students and thus help them advance in their language learning.

Abdel-Malek, M., "Teaching culturally-informed writing in Arabic", ACTFL, Washington, DC, November 23, 2019