Narrating in Korean

Narrating in Korean - By: Susan Strauss, Penn State
Susan Strauss, Penn State
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Mixed Media (Video/Audio/PDF)

This instructional resource, designed for high school and college level teachers of Korean, provides an entire set of materials that can be used in the classroom for multiple purposes:

Investigate how native speakers of Korean tell narratives by introducing participants in a story, expressing a sequence of events, indicating a cause or effect, presenting personal stances and/or perspectives, and choosing context-appropriate nouns, verbs, and particles. 

Have students produce their own extended narratives based on a specific story by learning new vocabulary, learning grammatical constructions for event sequences, learning grammatical constructions for cause and effect, learning overall narrative structure, including beginnings and endings, and telling narratives orally or writing the story on paper.

This can be used for a variety of other classrooom activities including, listening comprehension (comprehension questions / dictation), vocabulary games (bingo, jeopardy, concentration), grammar games, supplementary review of particles, and supplementary review of tense and aspect marketing.  Please consider working on new narratives using structures and grammar features from this lesson.

What this instructional resource provides:

  • A short six-minute film (The Pear Film, Chafe (1980))
  • 3 Native Speaker audio files
  • 1 Heritage Speaker audio file
  • 8 Intermediate-Advanced learner audio files
  • 1 full transcript of a native speaker narrative
  • 3 full transcripts of intermediate-advanced student narratives
  • a resource guide with ideas for how to use the film, the audio files, and transcripts
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