Xuehua Xiang

Xuehua Xiang - Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Xuehua Xiang, Ph.D.

Xuehua Xiang is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Her research interests lie in linguistic-sociolinguistic work and second language studies. She is particularly interested in such areas as interlanguage semantics/pragmatics, comparative sociolinguistics, interaction and grammar, second language writing, and Chinese as a second/heritage language. She is currently working on interlanguage and L1 transfer in L2 written texts (ESL from Chinese L1; learners of Chinese as a foreign/second language). From a discourse-pragmatic perspective, she is also engaged in research on pragmatic particles in Southeast Asian languages, particularly Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Shishan (Hainan Island, China). Xuehua Xiang's research in this area focuses on the linguistic marking of (inter)subjectivity (e.g. emotive stance, epistemic modality, evidentiality).

(312) 996-5588
Select Publications: 
  • Xiang, X. (2009). Addition and reassessment: Preverbal 'ah' in Shishan (Hainan Island, P.R. China). Text and Talk, 29 , 99-124.
  • Strauss, S., & Xiang, X. 2009). Discourse particles: Where cognition and interaction intersect:The case of final particle 'ey' in Shishan dialect (Hainan Island, P.R. China). Journal of Pragmatics, 41 , 1287-1312.
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  • Xiang, X. (2003). Multiplicity of self in public discourse: A comparative analysis of the use of personal references in two sports radio shows in the U.S. and China. Language Sciences, 25, 489-514.