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Keyword Searching:

To search for a single keyword, simply enter that keyword into the Keyword search box.
E.g. To search the database for records that contain the word pedagogy in the citation and/or abstract fields, enter pedagogy inot the Keyword search box.
To search for multiple keywords, enter as many keywords into the Keyword search box as you'd like. Your results will include only those records whose citation and/or abstract fields contains all of these keywords.
Note: The keywords DO NOT need to be in order. Entering language pedagogy or pedagogy language will return identical results.
Note: Entering mulitple keywords will locate those words whether they appear in conjunction (as a phrase) or independently in different parts of the record.
E.g. To search the database for records containing the words discourse and structure, enter discourse structure (or structure discourse) into the Keyword search box.
Tip: You can enter a truncated word-segment to find all records with words beginning with that segment. E.g., entering telecollab into the Keyword search box will return all records containing words beginning with telecollab, such as telecollaboration, telecollaborative, telecollaborate, etc.
Note: Quotation marks (single or double) are ignored by the seach function.