Corpus Tutorial: Overview

The Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research is dedicated to offering state-of-the art tutorials and modules for language educators seeking to further their knowledge, develop their skills, and advance their careers.

This online CORPUS TUTORIAL is designed to give educators a general introduction to ways in which 'real' language can be used in classroom language learning and teaching. It consists of the following seven units:

Units of the Tutorial

Background Learn what a corpus is and find out more about how corpora have been developed.
Applications Discover how corpora have been used in a variety of different areas and for a variety of different purposes.
Analysis Download corpus tools and get started doing corpus analysis.
The Classroom Discover how corpora can help both language learning and teaching.
Materials Design Take a tour of some corpus-based materials and see how they are different from more 'traditional' ones.
The Future Consider the broader potential of corpora and reflect on how you can incorporate what you have learnt in this tutorial in your own teaching.
Resources Discover how teachers can obtain corpora they need.

Working through each unit will typically take about an hour and a half. However, because you will be following various links to other sites outside CALPER, you may well spend longer reading connected web pages.

Each unit guides you through a variety of different activity types which invite you to:

  • Think about and reflect upon issues relating to the topic presented.
  • Read selected texts on screen and follow hyperlinks to additional documents at other sites on the Internet.
  • Try out some corpus tasks yourself, using tools that are available on the Web.
  • Investigate further on-line, either by reading in more depth about theoretical aspects, or by working through additional practical tasks.

Throughout each unit or at the end, we direct you to further readings if you desire to intensify your studies and we provide links made available through CALPER's CORP Pages for additional online resources.

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