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Teaching German Modal Particles: A Corpus-based Approach
Nina Vyatkina & Karen E. Johnson, Penn State
Publication Type: Soft Cover

Teaching German Modal Particles: A Corpus-based Approach offers an approach to the challenges of teaching the usage of modal particles to learners of German that emphasizes awareness raising activities. The worksheets and handouts are sequenced to move learners through a gradual process of inductively noticing patterns of modal particle use, to defining modal particle meanings and... Read more

Gabriela Appel, The Pennsylvania State University
Publication Type: PDF

Project Work: German

13 Jahre Deutsche Vereinigung: A Sample Project for Advanced Learners of German
This group project is an "inquiry project", in which students research in-depth the continuous process of unification in Germany. Students' research develops from a text (a speech), which they read initially. In this speech, several key issues surrounding German... Read more