Language Teaching and Learning Materials

CALPER Korean News Discourse
Susan Strauss and Jongoh Eun
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Korean News Discourse is a new CALPER project. Instructional materials for high-intermediate and advanced learners of Korean will be developed that focus on typical and critical features of the news genre. The basis for the materials is comprised of a large set of authentic texts, such as traditional newspapers, magazines, TV news broadcasts and online news outlets.  

If you are... Read more

The Korean Wave. CALPER 2016
Susan Strauss, The Pennsylvania State University
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Audiences around the world are now enjoying media products of The Korean Wave, including the wide variety of K-Drama, movies, and K-Pop. K-Dramas are broadcast not only in South Korea, but also in Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Iran, Kuwait, UAE, all throughout North and South America, and parts of Africa, including Zimbabwe and Ghana.  K-Pop music has fan followers from small, rural villages to ultra... Read more

CALPER Grammar in Context
Xuehua Xiang
Publication Type: Online (Website)

Grammar in Context are online materials for high-intermediate, low-advanced and advanced learners of Mandarin Chinese.

Grammar in Context includes Learn—Practice—Self-check and Vocabulary Support for 16 commonly used particles in Mandarin Chinese. The units can be used in blended learning environments, for self-study, and traditional classroom settings.... Read more

Korean Holidays. CALPER 2014
Susan Strauss, Penn State
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The units in the series "Korean Discourse and Genre" are designed to complement existing pedagogical materials for Korean. They contain authentic, media-based samples of actual language used in Korea by Koreans for specific interactional purposes: television programs (e.g., talk shows, reality shows, news, weather reports), radio programs, films, internet-based discourse (interviews, reviews, blogs, news items,... Read more