Language Teaching and Learning Materials

Working with Spoken Chinese - Hongyin Tao, UCLA
Hongyin Tao, UCLA
Publication Type: Text Book

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Working with Spoken Chinese is designed for intermediate to advanced learners (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines) who want to improve their speaking and listening skills in conversational Chinese. It... Read more

Learning through Listening
Junko Mori, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Publication Type: Online (Website)

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Materials designed to help students understand the content, lexical, syntactic and conversation features of natural spoken discourse. Digitized video clips with teaching suggestions and activities. Designed for intermediate to advanced learners of Japanese.

Narrating in Korean - By: Susan Strauss, Penn State
Susan Strauss, Penn State
Publication Type: Mixed Media (Video/Audio/PDF)

This instructional resource, designed for high school and college level teachers of Korean, provides an entire set of materials that can be used in the classroom for multiple purposes:

Investigate how native speakers of Korean tell narratives by introducing participants in a story, expressing a sequence of events, indicating a cause or effect, presenting personal stances and/or perspectives, and choosing... Read more

CMC Library
Publication Type: Online (Website)

Resource site with a database of CMC activities, a user's guide to implementing them, a glossary of CMC terminology, case studies, and a bibliography with further resources. Specifically, you will find an activity database of CMC activities for browsing and searching, a user's guide to implementing the activities, with a glossary of CMC terminology and case studies of the activities, and a bibliography, including... Read more