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Resource site with a database of CMC activities, a user's guide to implementing them, a glossary of CMC terminology, case studies, and a bibliography with further resources. Specifically, you will find an activity database of CMC activities for browsing and searching, a user's guide to implementing the activities, with a glossary of CMC terminology and case studies of the activities, and a bibliography, including... Read more

Korean Culture and Media Series - By: Susan Strauss, Penn State
Susan Strauss, Penn State
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The fundamental goal of this series is to present language and culture as an integral whole—to enhance students’ awareness of language through culture and to deepen students’ understanding of culture through language. Through the materials presented in our Culture and Media Series workbooks, students will be able to acquire and exchange information about Korea and about Korean people. Because we use actual media-... Read more

Korean Grammar in Discourse and Interaction - By: Susan Strauss, Penn State
Susan Strauss, Penn State
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Guided activities explaining aspects of Korean grammar from a discourse-pragmatic perspective. Designed for high-intermediate / advanced learners and heritage speakers. Each unit can be used as supplemental materials or for self-study.


Gabriela Appel, The Pennsylvania State University
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Project Work: German

13 Jahre Deutsche Vereinigung: A Sample Project for Advanced Learners of German
This group project is an "inquiry project", in which students research in-depth the continuous process of unification in Germany. Students' research develops from a text (a speech), which they read initially. In this speech, several key issues surrounding German unification are raised, which... Read more