Working with Spoken Chinese

by Hongyin Tao, UCLA

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This site accompanies the textbook "Working with Spoken Chinese." For each of the ten units of the textbook, the site provides an audio clip, three forms of transcripts (without annotations, with Pinyin, with selected line-by-line commentaries), a vocabulary list, and concordances.

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Unit Overview

Unit 1 Travel Adventures 旅行奇遇
Story telling, Elements of a Story (Who, When, Where, etc.), Addressee Behaviors in Story Sessions

Unit 2 Fashion Fever 流行装
Comments on Fashion Styles, Expressing Agreement/Disagreement, Approval/Disapproval, Support Arguments with Examples

Unit 3 Global Citizen 地球公民
Discussing Attitude toward International Experience, Contrasting Information, Elaborating Information, Supporting Ideas with Examples

Unit 4 Who Wants to be a Millionaire 百万富翁
Talk about a TV Game Show, Compare Similar and Unlike Things, Degrees and Qualities, Qualifying an Opinion, Vague Expressions

Unit 5 Insurance Abuse 滥用医疗保险
Commenting on Insurance-Related Social Phenomena, Making Negative Statements, Vague References and Negative Events, Demonstratives and Degree Expressions

Unit 6 Las Vegas 拉斯韦加斯
Reflecting on a Tourist Destination, Admiration of Places, Contrasting Features of Places, Expressions for Praising, Listener Behavior in Praising

Unit 7 Tough Job Market 就业问题
Discussing Job Opportunities, Presenting Multiple Reasons/Perspectives, Expressing Past, Present, and Future Temporal Frames of Events

Unit 8 People and Personalities 表情与性格
Commenting on People's Appearances and Qualities, Opinions with Different Degrees of Certainty, Personal Interest, Emotional State, Listener Reactions to Comments

Unit 9 Driving Cautiously 小心开车
Reflecting on Driving Experiences, Different Accounts of Shared Experience, Humor, Alluding to Cultural Concepts

Unit 10 Horror Movies 恐怖片
Describing a Movie, Types of Movies, Personal Taste about Movies, Liking and Disliking, Listener Corroborating with the Other Speaker

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