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General Language Advocacy

Building a Program. List of 8 important steps when building a language program. The page is part of the Ñandutí - Foreign Language Learning PreK-8 - Web site. Updated 2006

Burns Park Foreign Language Initiative, is a non-profit organization run by parents of Burns Park students who are working to fund foreign language instruction at Burns Park Elementary School for grades K–2.

Improving Students' Capacity in Foreign Languages. A piece on why Americans should study foreign languages by Myriam Met (Acting director of the National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland, College Park).

Lead with Languages. Short, animated video advocating for the importance of learning other languages besides English. Rights: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. [added: 12/10/2013]

Learning World Languages and Cultures in California: A Stimulus for Academic and Economic Success . A Policy Report, 2009

Promoting a Language Proficient Society: What You Can Do. A Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) digest, the article gives information on what parents, teachers, school administrators, policy makes, and the business community can do to to support foreign language study in the US. It also provides further resources for language advocacy and a directory of resources for foreign language programs in general.

Rationale For Foreign Language Education. A Position Paper (NCSSFL). This is a position statement from the National Council of State Supervisors (NCSSFL) for Language endorsing the inclusion of foreign language education in the school curriculum for all students. It elaborates on the cognitive, academic, and societal benefits of learning a foreign language.

Why Florida Business Needs Employees with Bilingual and Intercultural Skills [PDF]. A nine-page document explaining the need for individuals with language and intercultural skills. Clicking on the link opens the PDF on the site of the Florida Foreign Language Association.

Workshop For Those Who Don't Know Their Own Power.... The advocacy website of the Joint National Committee for Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (JNCL-NCLIS) presents specific information on how to lead a public advocacy workshop (handouts and additional information also provided), and on how to conduct letter-writing campaigns for language educators.

Opinion Pieces and Newsstories

"Why this bilingual education ban should have repealed long ago", by Phillip M. Carter, March 4, 2014, CNN Head of the Class Blog.

Websites from FL Associations

Websites Advocating for a Specific Language