Teacher Development

Teacher Development

CALPER Corpus Portal
Publication Type: Online (Website)
2010 - 2017

CALPER's Corpus portal is a gateway to information and tools for teachers interested in exploring ways in which natural language (compiled into a corpus) can be used in language teaching and learning and assessment.  It can also provide quick and easy access to all corpus-... Read more

Karen E. Johnson & Joan Kelly Hall, Penn State
Publication Type: Online (Website)

Johnson, K. E., & Hall, J. K. (2010). Understanding heritage and domestic language learners. University Park, PA. CALPER Publications.

Understanding Heritage and Domestic Language Learners combines case-based learning with multimedia technology. It is organized... Read more

CALPER Corpus Tutorial
Jane Evison
Publication Type: Online (Website)

The tutorial consists of ten units of self-study devoted to corpus construction, basic corpus-analytical techniques and applications. Designed for language educators.
It guides you step-by-step through the basics of collecting and analyzing 'real' language. If you are a language teacher... Read more

Contemporary Study Abroad and Foreign Language Learning - By: Celeste Kinginger, Penn State
Celeste Kinginger, Penn State
Publication Type: Spiral-bound

This CALPER Publication is now available as a free downloadable PDF. Please note that the materials are copyrighted.

Kinginger, C. (2009). Contemporary study abroad and foreign language learning. University Park, PA: CALPER Publications.

... Read more