Teacher Development

Teacher Development

Contemporary Study Abroad and Foreign Language Learning - By: Celeste Kinginger, Penn State
Celeste Kinginger, Penn State
Publication Type: Spiral-bound

This CALPER Publication is now available as a free downloadable PDF. Please note that the materials are copyrighted.

Kinginger, C. (2009). Contemporary study abroad and foreign language learning. University Park, PA: CALPER Publications.

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Advancing in Russian Through Narration - By: Aneta Pavlenko & Victoria Driagina
Aneta Pavlenko, Temple | Victoria Driagina, Penn State
Publication Type: Soft Cover

Pavlenko, A., & Driagina, V. (2008). Advancing in Russian through narration. University Park, PA: CALPER Publications.

The focus of Advancing in Russian through Narration is on two important components of advanced foreign language proficiency, narrative and conceptual... Read more

Teaching Heritage & Domestic Language Learners
Karen E. Johnson & Joan Kelly Hall, Penn State
Publication Type: CD, Multimedia

Teaching Heritage and Domestic Language Learners combines case-based learning with multimedia technology. It is organized around five conceptual strands:

- Teacher's Voice
- Students' Voices
- Instructional Challenges
- Instructional Strategies
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Jonathon Reinhardt and Steven Thorne
Publication Type: PDF

Jonathon Reinhardt, Southern Connecticut State University
Steven Thorne, The Pennsylvania State University

The manual is divided into three sections for each of the three major technologies covered: chat, blogs, and wikis. Each section begins with a scenario of classroom technology... Read more