Teacher Development

Teacher Development

CALPER Language Assessment
Matthew Poehner, Elana Shohamy
Publication Type: Online (Website)
2010, revised 2016

Assessing Language Development is a website intended to familiarize language teachers with various approaches to assessing language development.

The forms of assessment described on our site are not particular to any given language but can be used with learners of any... Read more

Corpus Portal - Developed by CALPER at Penn State
Publication Type: Online (Website)
2010 - 2016

CALPER's Corpus portal is a gateway to information and tools for teachers interested in exploring ways in which natural language (compiled into a corpus) can be used in language teaching and learning and assessment.  It can also provide quick and easy access to all corpus-... Read more

Karen E. Johnson & Joan Kelly Hall, Penn State
Publication Type: CD, Multimedia

Online purchase is temporarily unavailable. Please contact Gabriela Appel at gxa9@psu.edu to order the publication.

Johnson, K. E., & Hall, J. K. (2010). Understanding heritage and domestic language learners.... Read more

CALPER Corpus Tutorial
Jane Evison
Publication Type: Online (Website)

The tutorial consists of ten units of self-study devoted to corpus construction, basic corpus-analytical techniques and applications. Designed for language educators.
It guides you step-by-step through the basics of collecting and analyzing 'real' language. If you are a language teacher... Read more