Teacher Development

Teacher Development

Social and Interactive Perspectives on Japanese Language Proficiency - By: Junko Mori, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Junko Mori, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Publication Type: CD, Multimedia

Mori, J. (2012). Social and interactive perspectives on Japanese language proficiency. University Park, PA: CALPER Publications.

Assumptions about language, language learning, and language learners affect the design of language textbooks and classroom practices. Three main... Read more

Dynamic Assessment Resources CALPER Penn State
James P. Lantolf & Matthew E. Poehner, Penn State
Publication Type: Other

Dynamic Assessment related Websites:

Dynamic Assessment - The official Dynamic Assessment website, containing an introduction to Dynamic Assessment, a directory of Dynamic Assessment researchers, practitioners... Read more

James P. Lantolf & Matthew E. Poehner, Penn State
Publication Type: Mixed Media (Video/Audio/PDF)

Lantolf, J. P., & Poehner, M. E. (2011). Dynamic assessment in the foreign language classroom: A teacher's guide.  University Park, PA: CALPER Publications

Chapters Include:

  • Foundations of Dynamic Assessment — introduces the general theory of human development,... Read more
CALPER Language Assessment
Matthew Poehner, Elana Shohamy
Publication Type: Online (Website)
2010, revised 2016

Assessing Language Development is a website intended to familiarize language teachers with various approaches to assessing language development.

The forms of assessment described on our site are not particular to any given language but can be used with learners of any... Read more