Teacher Development

Teacher Development

Teaching Heritage & Domestic Language Learners
Karen E. Johnson & Joan Kelly Hall, Penn State
Publication Type: CD, Multimedia

Teaching Heritage and Domestic Language Learners combines case-based learning with multimedia technology. It is organized around five conceptual strands:

- Teacher's Voice
- Students' Voices
- Instructional Challenges
- Instructional Strategies
-... Read more

Jonathon Reinhardt and Steven Thorne
Publication Type: PDF

Jonathon Reinhardt, Southern Connecticut State University
Steven Thorne, The Pennsylvania State University

The manual is divided into three sections for each of the three major technologies covered: chat, blogs, and wikis. Each section begins with a scenario of classroom technology... Read more

Teaching German Modal Particles: A Corpus-based Approach
Nina Vyatkina & Karen E. Johnson, Penn State
Publication Type: Soft Cover

Teaching German Modal Particles: A Corpus-based Approach offers an approach to the challenges of teaching the usage of modal particles to learners of German that emphasizes awareness raising activities. The worksheets and handouts are sequenced to move learners through a gradual process... Read more

Chinese Corpus Resource Guide
Hongyin Tao, UCLA
Publication Type: PDF

A corpus (plural: corpora) is a principled collection of samples of natural language use, either written or spoken, which are usually stored as computer files. A written corpus can be gathered from a number of sources such as news media, literary works, or personal writings. A spoken corpus can... Read more