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Concept-based Language Instruction (CBLI)

Concept-based Language Instruction (CBLI)
Project Coordinator(s): 

James P. Lantolf
Rémi Adam Van Compernolle
Eduardo Negueruela Azarola
Jie Zhang
Prospero Garcia

Project Overview: 

Concept-based Language Instruction is a pedagogical approach that connects explicit instruction and communicative practice. This project will develop innovative teaching materials in Chinese, French, and Spanish and also professional development materials to enhance teacher knowledge of some critical concepts in the respective languages. 

Scholarly Publications:

  • Garcia, P. (2017). Implementing concept-based instruction in the heritage language classroom: A pedagogical proposal. E-JournAllEuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages, 4, 1-19. doi: 10.21283/2376905X.6.86 [PDF]
  • Lantolf, J. P. & Zhang, X. (2017). Sociocultural theory and concept-based instruction. In S. Loewen & M. Sato (eds.), The Routledge handbook of instructed second language acquisition (pp. 146-165). New York: Routledge.
  • Walter, D. R., & van Compernolle, R. A. (2017). Teaching German declension as meaning: A concept-based approach, Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, 11, 68-85. doi:
  • van Compernolle, R. A., Gomez-Laich, M. P., & Weber, A. (2016). Teaching L2 Spanish sociopragmatics through concepts: A classroom-based study. The Modern Language Journal100 (1), 341-361.

Professional Development:

  • NECTFL Presentation 2018 - "Concept-based Teaching for Effective Learning of Complex Language Features" (James P. Lantolf and Kevin McManus, Penn State)
  • ACTFL Presentation 2017 - "The Relevance of Explicit Instruction for Successful Language Develoment" (James P. Lantolf and Kevin McManus, Penn State)
  • CBLI Summer Workshop 2017 - "Teaching Social Meaning in Language" (R. Adam Van Compernolle, Carnegie Mellon University)
  • ACTFL Presentation 2016, Friday, November 18. "A Concept-based Approach to Pragmatics Instruction" (James P. Lantolf, Penn State and R. Adam van Compernolle, Carnegie Mellon University)
  • CBLI Summer Workshop 2016 - "How to Integrate Explicit Knowledge in the Second Language Classroom" (James P. Lantolf, Penn State and R. Adam van Compernolle, Carnegie Mellon University)
  • ACTFL Pre-conference Workshop 2015 - "Concept-based Language Instruction" (James P. Lantolf, Penn State)


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