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In-Service Training

CALPER and the Center for Acquisition at Penn State conduct in-service sessions of various formats for language instructors at Penn State and area teachers.

Language Teaching Workshops / Language Teaching Forum: Past Events

  • Adding Evaluation and Assessment to Your Toolbox: Some Approaches (October 3, 2020); Language Teaching Forum (onliine), Presenter: Dr. Meg Malone (AELRC, Georgetown University)
  • What's in Your Grammar Teaching Toolbox? (November 9, 2019); Language Teaching Forum, Presenter: Dr. Leila Renta (University of Alberta)
  • How to ACE Your Language Classroom (October 20, 2018); Language Teaching Forum (online), Presenter: Dr. Netta Avineri (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey)
  • High-leverage Teaching Practices (October 28, 2017); Language Teaching Forum, Presenters: Dr. Richard Donato (University of Pittsburgh) and Dr. Eileen Glisan (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • How to Use Corpora in Language Teaching (February 5, 2015)
  • Creating Language Exercises with Corpora (October 29, 2014); Workshop, Presenter: Edie Furniss (Penn State)
  • Corpus Tools for Language Teaching (April 2, 2014); Workshop, Presenter: Brody Bluemel (Penn State)
  • Writing Foreign Language Textbooks (February 19, 2014); Workshop, Presenter: Dr. Heather McCoy (Penn State)
  • Making the Most of Online Tools for Language Teaching (March 14, 2012)
  • Technology Resources at Penn State for FL Teaching (March 12, 2010), Workshop: Presenter: Dr. Meredith Doran (Penn State)
  • The Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, Teaching, and Assessment: What, Why and How? (October 22, 2009); Workshop, Presenter: Dr. Gabriela Appel (Penn State)
  • Understanding and Applying the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning (September 17, 2009); Workshop, Presenter: Dr. Meredith Doran (Penn State)
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