Teaching Heritage & Domestic Language Learners

Teaching Heritage & Domestic Language Learners
Karen E. Johnson & Joan Kelly Hall, Penn State
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CD, Multimedia
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Teaching Heritage and Domestic Language Learners combines case-based learning with multimedia technology. It is organized around five conceptual strands:

- Teacher's Voice
- Students' Voices
- Instructional Challenges
- Instructional Strategies
- Explorations

The resource provides a window into actual language classrooms, showcasing the complexities of addressing the needs of both heritage and domestic learners in the same language course.

The development of this resource was motivated by addressing two significant needs unique to teachers who teach both heritage and domestic language learners in college/university less-commonly-taught language (LCTL) classrooms:

- to understand the pedagogical challenges for a teacher in such learning environments
- to use this understanding to create effectual learning communities in those classrooms.