A Casebook of Dynamic Assessment in Foreign Language Education

Author(s): Matthew E. Poehner
Publication Year(s): 2018
Size: 100 pg.

The Casebook provides detailed accounts of the experiences of two L2 classroom teachers with DA. The first case occurs in a primary school L2 Spanish class. Here, the teacher’s interest is to find a more systematic approach to providing feedback to learners as she interacts with them during daily classroom activities. As this case reveals, the teacher’s experience using DA also had unanticipated consequences for her thinking about the kinds of activities she wanted to engage learners in and the opportunities for language use that are valuable to her students. The second case involves an advanced university-level L2 Japanese writing course. The teacher turned to DA in order to make her use of a process approach to writing (including multiple drafts, writing conferences, and peer feedback sessions) more beneficial to her students. The result is a three-tiered approach to DA that includes individualized teacher-learner sessions, peer group work, and whole class DA interactions. For both cases, specific DA interactions are brought into focus and discussed. The interactions themselves are transcribed and included as part of the text.

A Casebook of Dynamic Assessment in Foreign Language Education Cover Image
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