Contemporary Study Abroad and Foreign Language Learning

Author(s): Celeste Kinginger, Penn State
Publication Year(s): 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9793950-5-5
Size: 110 pages

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Kinginger, C. (2009). Contemporary study abroad and foreign language learning. University Park, PA: CALPER Publications.

This Guidebook explains why language educators and study abroad professionals should develop an activist stance in promoting language learning in study abroad programs, and provides tools to help promote meaningful sojourns abroad for their language students. These tools include knowledge about what aspects of language are best learned in host communities and about how successful students take advantage of study abroad to enhance their language ability. They also include stories about the kinds of conflicts students may encounter in interaction with their hosts, with guidance about how to turn these conflicts into opportunities for learning. Finally, this Guidebook offers specific suggestions for ways to prepare students for their stay abroad, to enhance their chances at success while abroad, and to nurture the abilities they have developed outside the classroom. Tasks and discussion topics are suggested throughout the Guidebook.

Chapter 1: Language learning in study abroad: An activist stance
Chapter 2: What students can learn in study abroad
Chapter 3: How students learn languages abroad
Chapter 4: ‘Rich points’: Stories about intercultural miscommunication
Chapter 5: Pitfalls for language learners abroad
Chapter 6: Extending engagement in language learning after study abroad
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