Fri - Oct 27, 2017

A new version of the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements has been released. Get an overview on the website or download a PDF.

The 2017 NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements, the result of collaboration between the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSFL) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guide:

  • Language learners to identify and set... Read more
Tue - Aug 29, 2017

Congratulations to CALPER Project Coordinator Celeste Kinginger and Julia Carnine (Toulouse Center, Dickinson College), who have received an ACTFL Research Priorities Initiative award for their project “Learning Language, Culture and Global Civic Responsibility in French Host Family Dinner... Read more

Tue - Aug 22, 2017

The 2017-2018 academic year started for us yesterday. We welcome everybody back and look forward to working with new colleagues during the next year. 

Sat - Jun 24, 2017

Our professional development week has come to an end. Thank you all for visiting CALPER at Penn State and participating in our workshops.  We are on Facebook and Twitter, so it is easy to stay in touch with us. Enjoy your summer and all the places your travels will take you.