Mon - Oct 07, 2019

The 15thInternational American Association for Corpus Linguistics Conference (AACL2020) will take place September 18-19 2020 at Northern Arizona University.  Previous AACL conferences have been held at the University of Michigan (1999, 2005), Northern Arizona University (2000, 2006, 2014), University Massachusetts-... Read more

Wed - Jan 30, 2019

Call for Papers

Language and Sociocultural Theory announces the call for papers for a special issue on
Overview and purpose of the special issue:
SCOBAs (Schema of a Complete Orienting Basis of an Action) are a fundamental component of Systemic Theoretical Instruction... Read more

Mon - Jan 14, 2019

In case you missed it - the Fall 2018 CALPER Newsletter is online.

Tue - Nov 13, 2018

ACTFL in New Orleans, November 16-18, 2018