Tue - Jan 10, 2017

Celebrate the 2017 Chinese New Year in Philadelphia. Take a look at all of the events scheduled in the city. The Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation published a list.
URL: http://chinatown-pcdc.org/chinese-new-years-event-listing/

Fri - Oct 07, 2016

CLTNet of PA published the first issue of its Newsletter, which will appear four times a year in October, February, April, June. Take a look here:

Mon - Aug 22, 2016

The Chinese Language Teacher Network of Pennsylvania (CLTNet) has a new Twitter account. You can now follow our posts at twitter.com/cltnet_pa.

Thu - Jun 30, 2016

The benefits of knowing a second or a foreign language in today's world are many. The world has turned into a global village. In this globalized existence, the knowledge of a foreign language in particular and the accompanying cultural competency are being increasingly recognized as valuable assets that give an advantage to those who possess such skills.

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