Thu - Jun 09, 2016

Need information to advocate for language learning? For making arguments to keep programs?
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Mon - May 16, 2016
CALPER Summer Workshops

CALPER Summer Workshops start in four weeks.

June 13 & 14   Discourse Analysis and L2 Writing
June 15 & 16   How to Integrate Explicit Knowledge in the Second Language Classroom: Concept-based Language Instruction
June 18   Chinese Pedagogy Workshop: Teaching Chinese with Authentic Cultural Texts and Materials

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Mon - Apr 25, 2016

We published our April update. New online learning site for Chinese has been launched. "Speech Acts in Films" is our new free resource site.

Mon - Apr 25, 2016

We just released our newest resource for teaching and learning Mandarin Chinese. Speech Acts in Films is a site where students of Mandarin Chinese learn to examine, understand, and practice social language through the medium of film. The primary audience of the materials are low-advanced and... Read more