Mon - May 16, 2016
CALPER Summer Workshops

CALPER Summer Workshops start in four weeks.

June 13 & 14   Discourse Analysis and L2 Writing
June 15 & 16   How to Integrate Explicit Knowledge in the Second Language Classroom: Concept-based Language Instruction
June 18   Chinese Pedagogy Workshop: Teaching Chinese with Authentic Cultural Texts and Materials

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Mon - Apr 25, 2016

We published our April update. New online learning site for Chinese has been launched. "Speech Acts in Films" is our new free resource site.

Mon - Apr 25, 2016

We just released our newest resource for teaching and learning Mandarin Chinese. Speech Acts in Films is a site where students of Mandarin Chinese learn to examine, understand, and practice social language through the medium of film. The primary audience of the materials are low-advanced and... Read more

Thu - Mar 24, 2016
The Korean Wave. CALPER 2016

Six teaching units on The Korean Wave have been completed and are now available to download. The materials are intended for use with high-intermediate and advanced learners of Korean. The units can be used as supplemental materials in language and culture courses. The main author of the units is Susan Strauss (The Pennsylvania State University).