Wed - Jan 20, 2016
James P. Lantolf - CALPER Director Receives Award from AAAL

James P. Lantolf was named the 2016 recipient of the Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award (DSSA) by the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) He will be presented with the award at the annual conference of AAAL. "Dr. Lantolf's contribution to knowledge in the field of applied linguistics is impressive for the number of publications, the impact of those publications, and... Read more

Wed - Jan 13, 2016
Sociocultural Theory and the Pedagogical Imperative in L2 Education - James P. Lantolf - Matthew E. Poehner, Penn State

CALPER is pleased to announce that James P. Lantolf and Matthew E. Poehner received the 33rd Kenneth W. Mildenberger Award from the Modern Language Association of America. This prestigious award is given to an outstanding scholarly book in the fields of language, culture, literature, or literacy with strong application to the teaching of languages other than English.... Read more

Thu - Oct 08, 2015
Old Main at Penn State University

The Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research (CALPER) is one of a small number of Title VI Language Resource Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Established through its first grant award in 2002, CALPER has focused on supporting language education through:

-... Read more

Tue - Oct 06, 2015
Snapshot from a Chinese Porcelain Vase

CLTNet of PA is an initiative, spearheaded by CALPER, that aims at supporting teachers of Chinese through establishing a network of educators in PA by connecting them to one another and functioning as a hub for resources. CLTNet will develop an extensive website which will feature multiples resources; workshops for... Read more